I bet you won’t dismiss me!

July 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

No one is perfect, especially at work. Daily routine, computers, faxes, documents, phone calls, meetings can drive mad any person. And we start doing odd things because of our tiredness or desire to have fun. Some workers bring strange things to the office, some people do shocking acts in public, some of us start breaking pens and pencils and some of us are constantly late.

And it’s very likelihood these small and innocent faults won’t be disregarded: we will have to render an account to our boss about it. I bet at least once in your life you had to write an explanatory note. For many people it became quite habitual. But some people are truly creative in making their notes. This is my observation of the funniest notes ever made.

  1. I was bringing and burning poplar seed tufts at my place of work during the whole week.

  2. During the business meeting I jumped out from the bookcase and frightened the business partners.

  3. I put a pushpin on my colleague’s chair and sat on it myself then. That way I showed my low intellectual level that didn’t match my post.

  4. I dropped out from the window of the smoking-room for second time during this month.

  5. I bet a hundred dollars with my boss that he couldn’t dismiss me from office.

  6. I was noticed in the women’s restroom. Being so overcome with emotion I couldn’t say anything to justify myself.

  7. I clamped salary ready money with stapler and sticky tape.

  8. I cut out my initials on the desktop.

  9. I was constantly pouring my unfinished tea into the aquarium and washing my cup there as well.

  10. From the explanation of the boss, who caught his worker smoking marihuana at his workplace: ” Mr. XXX refused to write an explanatory note and claimed that that were not his hands and he couldn’t take a sheet of paper. ”

  11. I was half an hour late for work because I saw Jude Law in my sleep and I didn’t want to wake up.

  12. I was writing an explanatory note all night long, that’s why I am late today.

  13. I saw in my sleep close to morning that the report balance was finally correct. As a result I had a number of uncontrollable orgasms. I beg to enter into my position.

  14. I came later because we used to do nothing but drinking tea till 10 a.m., but it’s too much of liquid for me. I’d rather spend more time in my bed.

  15. I wasn’t late. I just corrected my working day adequately my inadequate behavior yesterday and in inverse proportion to the standard plan.

Well, as you see the excuses could be quite different. Imagination and sense of humor are the clues for your light attitude to life. ‘Relax, take it easy,’- as Mika sang.

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