Ghost towns.

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Ghost town stands for a town or city that was abandoned once and forever. Why are there so many ghost towns in the world? Well, as the rule the places are abandoned for economic reasons. But there are can be other reasons as well. Among them are natural disasters (floods, fires), nuclear disasters and government actions sometimes. Once it was glorying and developing then it is forgotten and abandoned. Even though no one lives in a town it can still attract one’s attention. Thus many tourists visit such towns. Why so? Well, usually they are interested in history of the place, its development and decline. The most popular ghost towns in the United States and Canada are Bannack, Montana; Oatman, Arizona; Calico, California; Barkerville, British Columbia and some others.

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Best Educational Videos

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Studying is the process which we perform throughout our lives and nobody wants this process to be dull routine. Different means help to make education more interesting, and educational films are among them. They present short videos concerning a particular topic and revealing it in a visual way. It is known that visual perception helps children to understand new information better, so there is no wonder that this method of education gains more and more popularity. Here is the list of educational video-clips which I consider to be the best.

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How to Become Tolerant

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A human as created by the nature is neither a completely harmless being but nor the one from hell that has the only intention to hurt the others. Many philosophers argue what part is stronger in the human being- an evil devilish one or the kind spiritual one. There are still a vast number of different opinions on that issue and each of them may be reasonable to some extent.

Many people claim that it’ s not profitable to be kind nowadays. One should notice the tragic hint implied in this phrase . The most wonderful features of a human soul are evaluated according to the shoppy standards. This point of view is advocated by the following statement. If you are a mild and helpful person your kindness will be used by the others who intend to manipulate you. The mild persons are not considered to be the interesting opponents in a competition.

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Sound business failures

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Business is not only associated with success and money and deals and stuff. We know lots of interesting and sound examples of huge awesome companies with a successful destiny and the enormous income. But sometimes, this or that company becomes famous not because of it’s good business strategies, but because of the worst failures ever.

For example, advertising business. Seems to be stable and acute. Not at all. Once, the General Motors company, advertising the new offroadster made it possible for the visitors of the official site to edit the advertising videos and mottoes. Then, these vids and slogans have been accidentally included into the official advertising campaign and all the customers could see the slogans like: “New GM Jeep: yesterday’s technologies today” and “The world will become better without this car”.

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Social activism and art. Ai Weiwei.

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There are many artists who are indifferent to current situations in politics and society. Thus they not only express their ideas through art but also try to change everything they do not like about the situation. Well, they deserve praise indeed in case they are not doing it to attract one’s attention.

Obviously Chinese artist and social activist Ai Weiwei deserves one’s respect and attention. Even though Weiwei is well known artist world-wide this fact didn’t stop Chinese government to arrest and imprison him in 2011. How come? Once he accused the Chinese authorities of corruption and bribery investigating the Sichuan schools corruption scandal. It was daring indeed. But it cost a lot. In 2010 Chinese officials ordered to destroy his studio located in Shanghai. Earlier they shut down his blog wherein Weiwei posted articles and documents concerning his investigation. At the same time Weiwei was prevented several times to leave the country. How come? Well, they explained it as the reason of national security.

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Study at Home – Does It Make Any Difference?

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Every parent wants all the best for his child be it some new toy or happiness and comfort in life. The idea that they will part with their precious kids when they will go to school scares some of parents to death. What will they eat, what if they fall down, what if the relations with classmates are not so good, and what if someone upsets their child? Sometimes this fear becomes unbearable and the parents decide that the home schooling is the best option.

Home schooling became popular when in 1997 13-year-old Rebecca Sealfon won one of the most prestigious contests – National Spelling Bee. It showed to lots of people that home education may lead to some significant results and the tendency began to gain speed. The statistics says that home-schooled kids are usually very talented in all academic fields. It is no wonder as the whole attention of the teacher is always devoted entirely to them and an individual teaching program which matches their peculiarities best, is used.

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