Study at Home – Does It Make Any Difference?

August 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

Every parent wants all the best for his child be it some new toy or happiness and comfort in life. The idea that they will part with their precious kids when they will go to school scares some of parents to death. What will they eat, what if they fall down, what if the relations with classmates are not so good, and what if someone upsets their child? Sometimes this fear becomes unbearable and the parents decide that the home schooling is the best option.

Home schooling became popular when in 1997 13-year-old Rebecca Sealfon won one of the most prestigious contests – National Spelling Bee. It showed to lots of people that home education may lead to some significant results and the tendency began to gain speed. The statistics says that home-schooled kids are usually very talented in all academic fields. It is no wonder as the whole attention of the teacher is always devoted entirely to them and an individual teaching program which matches their peculiarities best, is used.

But on the other hand, there is one obvious disadvantage of this system which can not remain unnoticed – having received high-quality education these kids are left without the hint of how social relations look like. Of course, they can have friends and communicate with relatives as well, but being in school is special experience which can not be replaced with anything else. It is true that the atmosphere in schools can be unfriendly and even cruel for those who differ from the others, but it will teach the kids to face the problems of communication and deal with them, it will develop them socially which presents an important aspect of education. Besides, there is always a chance that you will bring up an egoist as your kid will soon understand that the whole home world spins around him and his interests. So, from the psychological point of view the process of home schooling does not seem to be so attractive.

However, I am not against it, I think there can be found simple solutions of the above mentioned problems. Some families choose home schooling for their kids but also subscribe them for attending social activities in school. This method provides an excellent quality of education and the opportunity to spend some time with school mates in normal school conditions.

There are cases when home schooling becomes the only option left. I mean the disabled kids who can’t attend public schools due to various problems with health. Of course, there are special boarding schools which claim to provide proper conditions for this group of children. However, it’s better to surround disabled kids with individual care and create the curriculum according to their personal abilities.

In conclusion I want to ask you not to devoid your kids of childhood. It is great if they study several languages, attend music classes and write poems, but it is also necessary for their development to be careless, to play with mates and do some stupid childish things as it is their time to do them.

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