How to Become Tolerant

August 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

A human as created by the nature is neither a completely harmless being but nor the one from hell that has the only intention to hurt the others. Many philosophers argue what part is stronger in the human being- an evil devilish one or the kind spiritual one. There are still a vast number of different opinions on that issue and each of them may be reasonable to some extent.

Many people claim that it’ s not profitable to be kind nowadays. One should notice the tragic hint implied in this phrase . The most wonderful features of a human soul are evaluated according to the shoppy standards. This point of view is advocated by the following statement. If you are a mild and helpful person your kindness will be used by the others who intend to manipulate you. The mild persons are not considered to be the interesting opponents in a competition.

That may be a true thing but it’s also the circumstances of the present day life. But one shouldn’t neglect the real tolerance. This quality is a valuable one today when the main features are the sharp with, the pragmatism and the ability to find the best place for oneself without taking into account the disturbed feelings of other people.

Any of the world religion teaches a person to be kinder and more tolerant. Since childhood we read about the importance of the tolerance in the stories and tales. In the junior school the lessons concerning tolerance are carried out. The teachers explain that one should be a good and reliable friend. But later all these lessons seem to be something meddling and cause the wish to act vice versa.

But what to do if you really have the wish to become a more tolerant person? How to understand the other people’s feelings and not to reject when any boy is in need? How to help the other people and not to wait for the appropriate answer?

  • The main thing is to reattain the self-harmony. We often appear to lack tolerance due to our personal disappointments and dissatisfaction with our own lives. Every day we face the great amount of the stressful situation. On the one hand it may help us to be stronger. But on the other hand the warm feelings towards the others become dim and vague.

  • Each time when you are hesitating if a person needs help or you feel uneasy sitting close to the one with a disorder in the bus remember the situations when you were helped. Try to recollect the face of the person who offered you a helping hand. Was it perfect? That memories will lessen the tension appeared in the uncomfortable situation.

  • Try to be optimistic. If you meet the future with the best expectations you will learn to enjoy every day of your life and not to pay attention to the little problems. The last may be a cause of accumulating the irritation which distracts us from getting pleasure from our lives and sharing it with the other people no matter of their age, appearance or ethnicity.
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