Best Educational Videos

August 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Studying is the process which we perform throughout our lives and nobody wants this process to be dull routine. Different means help to make education more interesting, and educational films are among them. They present short videos concerning a particular topic and revealing it in a visual way. It is known that visual perception helps children to understand new information better, so there is no wonder that this method of education gains more and more popularity. Here is the list of educational video-clips which I consider to be the best.

  1. Everyone Knows Your Name. This clip makes children think of the disadvantages of living online and the sad results to which this life style can lead. Besides, it covers the topics of cyber bullying and Internet safety.
  2. Introducing the Book. This video is suitable for elementary students as it teaches how to improve any new device or technology on the example of books. In the past people found it difficult to open or close a book and such simple thing as turning the pages was a great problem to solve. It is funny to watch what a great trouble reading a book once was, and at the same time it shows that with time we will find new digital devices which we do not know how to approach, extremely easy to use.
  3. iPad in High School English. This video shows the ways of using iPad in educational process and benefiting from its advantages. The topic of using new technologies is very urgent nowadays, so the teachers and students should be encouraged to use them by the videos of this type.

If you can not find the video answering your educational purposes it is always possible to shoot your own clip using the example of the videos mentioned above.

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