Fraternities and sororities.

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The tradition of joining fraternities and sororities has been widely criticized. Is it really worth joining brotherhoods or sisterhoods coming through odd and sometimes really weird secret rituals? Well, some people think that this useless tradition is absolutely absurd. Former participants rarely share the secret rituals they had to come through even though some of them also criticize the very idea of joining those communities. Participants of the closed door communities have to pay installments to be a part of the community. For the first time participants feel excited when they have been admitted to the community. They meet new people who share secrets only with them. Well, it seems to be interesting indeed. At the same time skeptics wonder why do the participants have to pay money to be members? In fact it means that participants pay for friendship. They pay for loyalty and secrets. Well, the adherents justify the membership fees. They try to assure that those money could help if one of the members needs them just in case. They even organize funds to donate the money they manage to raise. As the matter of fact the money they raise are wasted. As the rule participants waste money buying alcohol and some illegal stuff just to have fun hanging out along with the other members in frat houses.

Quite often teachers of the college and students who are not participants of the fraternities and sororities accept these frat houses as the places where frats and sorority girls have parties and simply drink. Members are also obliged to pay money for housing services. As you can see being a member of fraternity could be costly. So think it over if you can pay regularly several hundreds bucks to be a part of the community.

In some brotherhoods and sisterhoods you are obliged to involve new participants. The more you are involving the better for you. So if you want to gain respect and appreciation then just work involving new people.

The most unpleasant thing of those communities refers to the conception of conformity. You are literally brainwashed and in many cases obliged to follow strange rules. Usually breaking these rules would lead to punishment. You even could be expelled of the brotherhood or sisterhood being disobedient brother or sister.

Another shameful part of these closed communities concerns hazing. And unfortunately it is an inevitable part of brotherhoods and sisterhoods. Hazers made freshmen come through embarrassing and even sometimes insulting processes to be accepted. And the newbies are convinced that it is really cool while in fact it is humiliating. They have their own system of punishment. Despite the fact hazing is forbidden among frats and sisters it still exists in many closed college communities.

And finally some freshmen are sure that they get new friends. But in fact they have get an illusion of friendship. You simply may buy it for some period of time. So being excluded you may forget about those so called friends.

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