Exoskeleton is not a Science Fiction Any More

September 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

There was a long period of silence after the several tries to create the exoskeleton which will provide the astonishing power for the human body until the year 2007. there existed a number of projects that haven’t any perspective for their development and remained to be just the designs on the paper. The working models that meet all the requirements have been put on production quite recently. The models for the disabled people are likely to be produced in large amounts. However the things are much worse with the military version of this equipment.

Since 2000 the Sacros company have been leading the research and design of the exoskeletons. At the same time it was developing the robots for the movie “Jurassic Park’. The Sacros company has developed the project of the modern exoskeleton called XOS that was bought by the Raytheon corporation in 2007.

The first public exhibition of XOS was coincided with the release of the “Iron Man” movie. Even the promotional videos of XOS contained the segments from the Iron Man trailer.

This external skeleton functions in the same way as the natural one does. The in-built sensors determine the muscle clonus and transmits the signal to the mechanisms, which react quite fast, though the human feels some pause between the impulse and the action. The main point is that XOS makes the human wearing it 20 times stronger. That means to lift the object which is heavier than 200 kilos won’t be a problem for a human.

The development of XOS was intended to meet the demands of the army. However the leader of the research group Steven Jacobsen states that it will be more useful for the disabled people.

The current problem is the absence of a portable source of energy to put this machine in action.

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