Why Stereotypes Are Not Always Good

September 23, 2012 § 1 Comment

To have a definite opinion upon this or that situation is useful and may help you to resist making a mistake in the most cases. But a few people are aware of the fact that developing one’s definite opinion sometimes goes beyond any sensible reasons and acquires rather weird form.

Lat us imagine a common situation. A girl is being brought up in a single-parent family. Her mother may suffer from numerous fixations and have a lot of settings against men. Her child’s psychics soaks these ideas easily and as a result of this the girl will see the world through a pile of stereotypes that she has inherited from her mother. Perhaps she won’t grow up in a closed bluestocking as her mum was but she is likely to develop an odd attitude towards men. The distortion of objective reality will make her to act like a victim or careless person.

“All the blondes are light-minded”, “A birthplace determines a walk of life”- are the shabby and trivial products of the mass consciousness. People think that “everything expensive is of a high quality” and attends a specialist who requires a high price for his service. But later it appears that this specialist is trained to take money but not to fulfill his work properly.

“All the men are polygamous”- such thought flashes in the mind of a woman who watches her colleagues flirting. She may not be quite aware of the thing that flirting is similar to a small talk for men and doesn’t matter when they leave the office and return to their wives.

“If you love me you are to buy a diamond ring for me”- thinks a girl and anticipates the coordinate reaction from her beloved. But there is actually no logic in this reasoning. If he doesn’t love her why is he still living together with her and entertain her every weekend? And if he loves her, then why diamond ring? If that was true everyone would measure their love in gold and precious stones.

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§ One Response to Why Stereotypes Are Not Always Good

  • Jennifer says:

    I totally agree – especially about diamond ring. Society has brainwashed people to believe that if a man doesn’t spend three month’s salary on a ring for his beloved then he probably doesn’t want to really marry her. I would much rather a new car, or something else more practical than a rock on my finger that is supposed to symbolize the status of my happiness. What a bunch of malarkey.

    I’m engaged and have adamantly opposed an engagement ring. When I tell other women that I’m getting married they AUTOMATICALLY look at my finger, as if the ring will determine how serious our endeavor is. I have to laugh because it’s such a robotic action, I wonder how many people even take into consideration whether or not it’s a reasonable action.

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