From the First Sight – Evolution of Perception in Human Society

October 25, 2012 § 2 Comments

There are, perhaps, two main factors influencing the process of development of human society – information and communication, and nowadays both of them are rapidly changing. Written text as the way to transfer data and news becomes outdated – we read less and are more interested in photographs, comics, pictures and posters instead. This switch to video form of thinking and perception has both its advantages and disadvantages.

A social network, which occupies the third place in spread and popularity after Facebook and Twitter is Pinterest. Pinterest allows a user to create a collection of images divided into theme groups. The communication between the users is minimal; the friendship is based only on the similarity of aesthetic perception. The words in Pinterest plays insignificant role as this social network presents the exchange of purely visual information. This tendency can be noticed in Facebook and other social networks as well, as virtually-oriented blogs are the most popular ones. The post or article without a picture will hardly attract the reader’s attention.

This new form of thinking has become the reaction of the society on the informational explosion of the middle of the twentieth century. Human brain tends to accept and work with huge amounts of information which is provided in dynamic and even aggressive form. The disadvantage of this change is reduced learning ability, impossibility of creating new information fields and living within the limits of already existing ones and inability to concentrate on any item for a long time. Some culture experts view this tendency as dangerous for the society but can not offer an alternative way of development yet.

Modern students find difficulty in understanding information if it is not provided with bright presentations. Text from a course book is hard to percept if it does not look like a mix of singled out sentences and graphics. Even business presentations of the leading world companies contain minimum of text and maximum of infographics in order to present information fast and effectively.

This digital progress produced negative effect on the reading audience as well. People who got used to the e-book readers find it harder to percept the text printed on the traditional paper. As some experts believe, it is connected with font – our brain does not have to work while analyzing ideally printed computer text while typographical printing inevitably contains some defects.

Audio books also contribute to this tendency. They become our companions while we are driving, perform physical activity or do some house work. Instead of allowing the book to capture us we learn about the deductive methods of Sherlock Holmes or the moral principles of Jane Eyre at odd times. The masterpieces of classical literature become just a way to kill time in a traffic jam.

The inability to percept text information is one of the serious problems of the modern society. Reading even some light fiction is challenging work of the brain while comics literally finish painting of missing elements for us. This evolution of thinking will lead to a new form of the society with time.

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