Fraternities and sororities.

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The tradition of joining fraternities and sororities has been widely criticized. Is it really worth joining brotherhoods or sisterhoods coming through odd and sometimes really weird secret rituals? Well, some people think that this useless tradition is absolutely absurd. Former participants rarely share the secret rituals they had to come through even though some of them also criticize the very idea of joining those communities. Participants of the closed door communities have to pay installments to be a part of the community. For the first time participants feel excited when they have been admitted to the community. They meet new people who share secrets only with them. Well, it seems to be interesting indeed. At the same time skeptics wonder why do the participants have to pay money to be members? In fact it means that participants pay for friendship. They pay for loyalty and secrets. Well, the adherents justify the membership fees. They try to assure that those money could help if one of the members needs them just in case. They even organize funds to donate the money they manage to raise. As the matter of fact the money they raise are wasted. As the rule participants waste money buying alcohol and some illegal stuff just to have fun hanging out along with the other members in frat houses.

Quite often teachers of the college and students who are not participants of the fraternities and sororities accept these frat houses as the places where frats and sorority girls have parties and simply drink. Members are also obliged to pay money for housing services. As you can see being a member of fraternity could be costly. So think it over if you can pay regularly several hundreds bucks to be a part of the community.

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Best Educational Videos

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Studying is the process which we perform throughout our lives and nobody wants this process to be dull routine. Different means help to make education more interesting, and educational films are among them. They present short videos concerning a particular topic and revealing it in a visual way. It is known that visual perception helps children to understand new information better, so there is no wonder that this method of education gains more and more popularity. Here is the list of educational video-clips which I consider to be the best.

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Study at Home – Does It Make Any Difference?

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Every parent wants all the best for his child be it some new toy or happiness and comfort in life. The idea that they will part with their precious kids when they will go to school scares some of parents to death. What will they eat, what if they fall down, what if the relations with classmates are not so good, and what if someone upsets their child? Sometimes this fear becomes unbearable and the parents decide that the home schooling is the best option.

Home schooling became popular when in 1997 13-year-old Rebecca Sealfon won one of the most prestigious contests – National Spelling Bee. It showed to lots of people that home education may lead to some significant results and the tendency began to gain speed. The statistics says that home-schooled kids are usually very talented in all academic fields. It is no wonder as the whole attention of the teacher is always devoted entirely to them and an individual teaching program which matches their peculiarities best, is used.

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