Ghost towns.

August 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

Ghost town stands for a town or city that was abandoned once and forever. Why are there so many ghost towns in the world? Well, as the rule the places are abandoned for economic reasons. But there are can be other reasons as well. Among them are natural disasters (floods, fires), nuclear disasters and government actions sometimes. Once it was glorying and developing then it is forgotten and abandoned. Even though no one lives in a town it can still attract one’s attention. Thus many tourists visit such towns. Why so? Well, usually they are interested in history of the place, its development and decline. The most popular ghost towns in the United States and Canada are Bannack, Montana; Oatman, Arizona; Calico, California; Barkerville, British Columbia and some others.

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Water Discovered In The Crater Of The Moon

July 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

According to the data provided by NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter about 22 per cent of the surface of moon crater called Shackleton situated in the South pole area is formed by ice.

Despite that fact this crater is 3 billion years old it is certainly well preserved. There are several minor craters in its bottom that most likely appeared as a result of the collision which created Shackleton itself.

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