Why Stereotypes Are Not Always Good

September 23, 2012 § 1 Comment

To have a definite opinion upon this or that situation is useful and may help you to resist making a mistake in the most cases. But a few people are aware of the fact that developing one’s definite opinion sometimes goes beyond any sensible reasons and acquires rather weird form.

Lat us imagine a common situation. A girl is being brought up in a single-parent family. Her mother may suffer from numerous fixations and have a lot of settings against men. Her child’s psychics soaks these ideas easily and as a result of this the girl will see the world through a pile of stereotypes that she has inherited from her mother. Perhaps she won’t grow up in a closed bluestocking as her mum was but she is likely to develop an odd attitude towards men. The distortion of objective reality will make her to act like a victim or careless person.

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How to Become Tolerant

August 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

A human as created by the nature is neither a completely harmless being but nor the one from hell that has the only intention to hurt the others. Many philosophers argue what part is stronger in the human being- an evil devilish one or the kind spiritual one. There are still a vast number of different opinions on that issue and each of them may be reasonable to some extent.

Many people claim that it’ s not profitable to be kind nowadays. One should notice the tragic hint implied in this phrase . The most wonderful features of a human soul are evaluated according to the shoppy standards. This point of view is advocated by the following statement. If you are a mild and helpful person your kindness will be used by the others who intend to manipulate you. The mild persons are not considered to be the interesting opponents in a competition.

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