Odd Ways to Earn Money

July 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

In the basis of every type of business you want to launch should be some interesting and, what’s more important, original idea. You should occupy your own niche on the market with the help of new product or new way of manufacturing. Some ideas may seem odd and even crazy from the first sight, but you would be surprised to know how successful they have become. So, do not be afraid to use the power of your imagination and ignore people who say your idea for business is too strange to bring benefit. Get inspired by the list of businessmen who became well-known due to their belief in their dream.

  1. The Snuggie, or the other name of this invention, slanket. Probably you have already understood the purpose of this thing – it is a sleeved blanket which warms you up and do not restrict your ability to use your hands as they protrude from this odd stuff. Of course, you may say that there is no use in snuggies as you have sweaters and robes, but sometimes things do not need to be practical, it is enough if they are funny. For a year since 2008 till 2009 twenty million Americans became happy owners of snuggies. Each snuggie costs between 10 to 20 dollars, so you may imagine how much money the inventor of this thing has already earned. Besides, the contracts are made with airplanes for providing them with snuggies as the passengers find these odd blankets to be extremely convenient. Do you still think that this idea is stupid?

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I bet you won’t dismiss me!

July 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

No one is perfect, especially at work. Daily routine, computers, faxes, documents, phone calls, meetings can drive mad any person. And we start doing odd things because of our tiredness or desire to have fun. Some workers bring strange things to the office, some people do shocking acts in public, some of us start breaking pens and pencils and some of us are constantly late.

And it’s very likelihood these small and innocent faults won’t be disregarded: we will have to render an account to our boss about it. I bet at least once in your life you had to write an explanatory note. For many people it became quite habitual. But some people are truly creative in making their notes. This is my observation of the funniest notes ever made.

  1. I was bringing and burning poplar seed tufts at my place of work during the whole week.

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